12V 200AH Lithium Battery Application Fields and Precautions for Charging and Discharging

Ⅰ. Application field of 12v 200ah lithium battery

12v 200ah lithium battery is used in the lighting industry: solar street lights, solar insecticidal lights, solar garden lights, solar energy storage power supplies, etc.;

12v 200ah lithium battery is used in power fields: electric tools, robots, AGV, fields, etc.;

12v 200ah lithium battery is used in the field of energy storage: communication base stations, data centers, home energy storage, wind power energy storage, etc.;

12v 200ah lithium battery is used in special fields: medical equipment, security power, special equipment, etc.

Ⅱ. Precautions for charging and discharging 12v 200ah lithium battery

12v 200ah lithium battery charging:

1. Charging method: The charger used for charging the 12v 200ah lithium battery should meet the characteristics of the three stages of lithium battery charging. It needs to have and complete the three stages of pre-charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging. For this, the original 12v 200ah lithium battery charger is good, when the original charger is damaged, don't blindly buy other chargers to charge the 12v 200ah lithium battery.

2. Ambient temperature: When charging a 12v 200ah lithium battery, the ambient temperature should not exceed the range of 0~40℃.

3. Charging cut-off voltage: The charging cut-off voltage of 12v polymer lithium battery is 12.6v, and a balanced charging method is required to ensure that the voltage of a single cell will not exceed 4.2V.

4. Charging current: If it is not urgent, it can be charged at 0.2C, and generally it cannot exceed 1C.

12v 200ah lithium battery discharge:

1. Ambient temperature: Discharging is the working state of the 12v 200ah lithium battery, and the temperature requirement at this time is -20°C~60°C. 2. End-of-discharge voltage: The end-of-discharge voltage standard for polymer 12v 200ah lithium batteries is 8.25V, and some can be set to 9V. 3. Discharge current: 12v polymer lithium battery packs also have high current and large capacity types, and the current of polymer lithium batteries capable of high-power discharge should be controlled within the range of product specifications.

12v 200ah lithium battery self-discharge:

The charging capacity of a 12v 200ah lithium battery in the storage state is between 40% and 60%. Of course, it is impossible to maintain it all the time. For example, the mobile phone usually prompts to charge. The stored 12v 200ah lithium battery will also be troubled by self-discharge, and long-term self-discharge will cause over-discharge. Therefore, we need to prepare for the self-discharge of the 12v 200ah lithium battery.

Regular charging: Regularly charge the 12v 200ah lithium battery to keep the voltage between 10.8v-11.7v, because the lithium battery has no memory effect and can be charged at any time. Make sure that the end-of-discharge voltage is not broken. If there is insufficient power during use, stop using it decisively and charge the battery.