48V Li-ion Battery Protection Board and BMS

1. Understand the 48V lithium-ion battery

Generally speaking, the single cells on the market are around 3.7v, but in many cases, if the working voltage range is slightly larger, it is obvious that there is a problem of insufficient voltage. At this time, battery packs and modular batteries that can increase the battery voltage will follow, and among many high-voltage batteries, 48v lithium-ion batteries have been widely used. Compared with lead-acid batteries, 48V lithium-ion battery pack with BMS has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong temperature adaptability, high charging and discharging efficiency, safety and stability, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. 48V lithium-ion batteries can be divided into ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium titanate batteries according to the positive electrode material.

2. 48V lithium-ion battery protection board

48V lithium-ion battery protection board, that is, a circuit board for protection. It is mainly composed of electronic circuits. It can accurately monitor the voltage of the cell and the current of the charging and discharging circuit at all times under the environment of -40℃ to +85℃, and control the on-off of the current circuit in time. The lithium battery protection board can play the role of charge and discharge protection for the series-parallel battery pack, and can detect the overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, undervoltage and short circuit status of each single cell in the battery pack, prolong the battery life, avoid The battery is damaged by overdischarge. The lithium battery protection board is an indispensable part of the lithium battery.

3. 48V lithium-ion battery BMS

The 48V lithium-ion battery management system (BMS) determines the state of the entire battery system by detecting the state of each single cell in the lithium battery pack, and performs corresponding control adjustments and strategy implementation for the lithium battery system according to their states, so as to realize the The lithium battery system and the charge and discharge management of each unit are used to ensure the safe and stable operation of the lithium battery system.

48V lithium-ion battery BMS features: The lithium-ion battery management system consists of a management host (CPU), a voltage and temperature acquisition module, a current acquisition module and a communication interface module. It can detect and display the total voltage, total current, and reserve capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack; the voltage of any single cell and the temperature of the battery box; charge and discharge capacity. The 48V lithium-ion battery host also provides an alarm and control output interface, which can alarm and control output for extreme conditions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, high temperature, low temperature, overcurrent, and short circuit. Provide RS232 and CAN bus interface, can directly read all the information on the lithium battery management system on the computer.