AGV Lithium-ion Battery Pack

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) is widely used in various fields now, and the battery for AGV is very important. PACE, a professional supplier of custom made lithium ion battery packs, can help design suitable AGV lithium ion battery solutions all according to your request. We have rich experience in AGV battery packs because we have the advantage of developing our own intelligent BMS for over 10 years, thus surely can be your reliable partner. Contact us now to get more about our lithium ion battery for AGV!

What is AGV Battery Technology?

What is the best AGV battery technology? Gel, lithium, lead-acid? Actually, it depends on the battery charging strategy of your automated guided vehicle. Nowadays, lithium batteries are more and more popular in AGV Battery Technology. Batteries for industrial trucks, mobile robots etc. have very specific requirements in terms of performance, life and charge cycles, which is why high-quality lithium-ion batteries for AGV are important to avoid unnecessary costs.

PACE AGV Battery Pack Advantages

AGV lithium battery in PACE, one of professional lithium ion battery pack manufacturers in China, offers higher efficiency, higher energy density and longer life cycles. In addition, these AGV lithium ion batteries require much less maintenance than lead-acid batteries. Most importantly, the use of the PACE fast charging system allows for the charging of AGV lithium-ion batteries during short breaks throughout the operation. This fast charging is essential for the complete automation of the logistics process.

Choose your right AGV Battery

Always enough power! That's what you want in an AGV. As an expert in AGV Battery, PACE is clear about this better than anyone. That's why we offer various options in the field of AGV battery energy management - battery replacement, manual battery charging, fast charging as well as rechargeable. Depending on your situation and your personal requirement, we will recommend the right AGV battery pack for you. Contact us!

AGV  Lithium-ion Battery Pack

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