Can a Normal Charger Charge a Lithium Camper Battery?

1. What is the lithium camper battery afraid of?

The first temperature, lithium batteries are afraid of high temperature.

The second largest current, for example, some batteries are discharged at 3C, your electric car is 8000W, and the batteries used are lower than the discharge current of your electric car, which will cause the lithium camper battery to overheat, the current is too large, and the life is shortened , there will also be a case of bulging and scrapping. If your electric vehicle has a very high power and a very fast speed, it is recommended to choose a 10C current battery, so it is obviously very important to choose a suitable battery.

The third is to store at full power. For example, the lithium camper battery is fully charged at 4.35V. At present, the protection board on the market stops charging at 4.2V. Therefore, many people who buy lithium batteries for electric vehicles say that they do not have much nominal capacity. In fact, this is the case. The reason is that 50% of the electricity is the best to store lithium batteries for electric vehicles for a long time. For example, when you buy a new mobile phone, many of them are turned on at 50% of the electricity.

If the battery is fully charged for a long time, the capacity of the lithium camper battery will be reduced. Except for lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate, these two can be stored at full power. It is also important to choose a protection board with better quality. The biggest taboo of lithium batteries is overshoot and overdischarge. Pay attention to these points, your electric vehicle lithium camper battery is no problem for 5-6 years.

2. Can a general charger charge a lithium camper battery?

General chargers cannot charge lithium batteries, because general battery chargers are generally set to two-stage or three-stage charging mode, and the voltage levels of general batteries and lead-acid batteries do not match. There are many kinds of lithium batteries, and the battery performance and battery protection board parameters may be different. Therefore, lithium batteries are not the same as ordinary batteries, and there are general-purpose battery chargers. Generally speaking, lithium batteries are equipped with special chargers when they leave the factory. In order to protect the lithium camper battery, a special charger is required.

Generally, the voltage of the charger is too high and the current is too large to meet the charging conditions of the lithium camper battery. The charging termination voltage of 11V lithium camper battery should be 12.5V, and the charging current range is 0.1 to 1.5 times the capacity of lithium camper battery.

The detailed steps for charging the lithium camper battery charger are very simple, just plug it in and check the power instructions according to the general battery charger. To charge a lithium camper battery, the voltage should match the voltage of the lithium camper battery, and the current should match the ampere-hour capacity of the lithium camper battery. In addition, the charger has a charging protection function to prevent overcharge and failure.