Golf Cart Lithium Battery

Loading a lithium battery into a golf cart can significantly improve its weight and performance ratio. The weight of a golf cart lithium battery is half that of a traditional lead-acid battery. The lighter weight means that the golf cart can reach higher speed and carry more weight. As one of the lithium ion battery pack manufacturers with more than 6-year's experience, PACE offers lithium ion golf cart batteries at a competitive price.

Pace Golf Cart Lithium Battery Recommendation

Golf Cart Lithium Battery Compatibility 

The safety performance and cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries can not be compared with lead-acid batteries, and these are also the most important technical indicators of power battery. 1C charging and discharging cycle life reach 2000 times. Lithium iron phosphate cathode materials make it easier to use in series for large-capacity lithium-ion batteries. To meet the needs of frequent charging and discharging of golf carts. It has the advantages of being non-toxic, pollution-free, good safety performance, wide source of raw materials, low price, long service life, etc., which makes lithium batteries more and more widely used in golf carts.

Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Benefits 

First, comparing the comprehensive costs of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries in the service life cycle of golf carts, the lithium version of golf carts is still relatively economical. Based on the service life of 5-6 years, lithium batteries do not need to be replaced in the middle, while lead-acid batteries need to be replaced in about two years. In addition, the daily maintenance cost of lead-acid batteries is very high, and battery fluid needs to be added frequently. Once the maintenance is not in place, the lead-acid battery is easy to be damaged. The cost of replacing lead-acid batteries and maintenance is much higher than that of using lithium batteries.

Second, the lithium battery has small attenuation, and the vehicle can be used frequently. The attendance rate of vehicles is much higher than that of the lead-acid version, and fewer vehicles can be put into the stadium. The vehicle maintenance of the lithium battery version is simple and labor-saving, and it does not need to add battery fluid frequently, which saves labor and materials. In addition, since the lithium battery vehicle is relatively light, the wear of the tire, shock absorber, brake, and other parts of the vehicle is much less.

Golf Cart Lithium Battery

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