How to Charge a Lithium Iron Battery?

1. The importance of safe charging of lithium batteries

The safe working voltage range of lithium battery is 2.8~4.2V, if the voltage is lower or higher than this range, the lithium ions in the battery would become very unstable, and even cause accidents. In order to ensure that the battery is in a safe range, a special charger is required. These chargers will automatically adjust the charging method according to the current state of the battery. When charging the lithium iron battery, the charger is best to choose the original special charger, otherwise it will affect or damage theLi-polymer. Before the lithium battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer has carried out the activation process and pre-charged, so the lithium ion battery has a residual battery, and the lithium-ion battery is charged according to the adjustment period. This adjustment period requires 3 to 5 full charge and discharge cycles.

2. Precautions for charging lithium battery packs

1) Place the power supply

Lithium ion battery pack has some remaining power before they leave the factory. After the first use, the battery must be charged for the first time. It is recommended that the first charge should be carried out for a long time. The lithium battery pack shall be charged in time after use and shall not be stored without power loss. If the battery is not used for more than two months, the lithium battery pack needs to be fully charged once.

2) Precautions for the charger

In order to ensure the charging safety of the lithium battery pack and ensure the service life of the battery pack, the battery pack uses the supporting lithium battery charger. If the charger is lost or damaged, please buy it from the corresponding dealer. Do not use lead-acid chargers or other forms of chargers for charging.

3) Don't change the charger casually

The chargers of various manufacturers generally have individual requirements. Don't change the charger at will when you are not sure.

4) Charge in time

The vulcanization process began after the battery was discharged, and obvious vulcanization appeared after 12 hours. Charging in time can remove the less serious vulcanization. If not charging in time, these vulcanized crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals. Therefore, charge as soon as possible after use, and make the lithium battery pack as full as possible.