Lithium Battery For Forklift

The rapid development of the logistics industry requires a forklift that has a short charging time, long use time, stable performance, can withstand high-intensity work, and has a high degree of automation and intelligence. The emergence of lithium-ion batteries adds a new dimension to the development of the lithium ion forklift battery industry. With good temperature adaptability and maintenance-free performance, the lithium battery for forklift sold by PACE, a reliable li ion battery pack factory, is perfectly adapted to various forklift applications, effectively reducing the maintenance cost of forklifts throughout their life cycle. Our lithium battery for forklift not only helps you move your goods, but also allows you to move your goods safely in time, so that you can achieve delivery of goods anytime and anywhere.

Lithium Battery For Forklift

Lithium Ion Forklift Battery Safety

Lithium-ion batteries have made forklifts safer. Why do you say that? For the following reasons.

1. Lithium-ion battery is equipped with intelligent BMS to monitor the battery status and protect the battery in real-time. BMS can protect the lithium battery from short circuits, overcharge, over-discharge, over current, temperature, equalization, etc. It is always monitored to keep it in a safe working range. Once triggered, a warning will be issued. While lead-acid batteries require human monitoring, this drawback makes safety an uncontrollable factor.

2. Non-toxic and harmless lithium iron phosphate batteries can protect the health of forklift drivers. And the characteristics of no fire and no explosion can protect forklift drivers to the maximum extent.

3. The 48 volt lithium ion forklift battery is easier to maintain. Previous forklift lead-acid batteries are very heavy, with the development of technology,lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than lead-acid batteries, which not only can reduce labor costs to quickly replace the battery but also the safety factor greatly improved.

In short, lithium-ion batteries embrace improved many of the safety gaps of lead-acid batteries, which makes our automatic handling industry grow better and better.

How to Choose the Right Lithium Ion Forklift Battery?

Generally speaking, electric forklifts will choose lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries.

However, with the development of technology, traditional lead-acid batteries are gradually replaced by lithium-ion batteries.

The lead-acid battery is the traditional standard for powering forklifts. The lithium forklift battery is bulky, filled with liquid, and has a removable top where a chemical reaction between the lead plates and sulfuric acid produces electricity.

Lithium-ion batteries are a new technology that has become more widely used over the years. One of the most popular chemistries for lithium-ion batteries in automated handling machines such as forklift robots is lithium iron phosphate. This is because the lithium ion forklift battery is more compact, lighter in weight, and has a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. These batteries are sealed, easier to recharge, and more environmentally friendly.

What Are The Advantages Of Lithium-ion Batteries For Forklifts?

1. Longer service life: forklift lithium battery has a long service life. With the further development of lithium-ion battery technology, the battery life can reach about 2000 capacity cycles, which has great advantages over the traditional lead-acid battery with about hundreds of charging cycles.

2. More convenient maintenance: no maintenance is a major advantage of lithium-ion batteries, which can reduce labor costs and improve productivity. In order to keep the batteries healthy, traditional lead-acid batteries need weekly maintenance. The labor intensity of lead-acid batteries is very high. If they are not properly maintained, the service life will be greatly shortened. Lithium ion forklift batteries basically do not require any daily maintenance.

3. Fast charging is more convenient: one of the main advantages of lithium-ion batteries is that they are designed with special consideration to the convenience of use, especially in fast charging. The 1-3-hour fast charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operation.

4. Better safety: forklift lithium battery requires less maintenance, so it is a safer choice. The battery is completely sealed, and the normal state is very stable. Therefore, there is no corrosion, vulcanization, acid overflow, or pollution, which is also good for the environment.

5. Higher efficiency and lower cost: the lithium-ion forklift can be quickly charged, which eliminates the time and safety risks of battery replacement and is more powerful. However, lead-acid batteries usually require 7-10 hours of charging, and they are uninterrupted. In this way, the work efficiency is naturally lower than that of lithium batteries. In addition, the maintenance time, labor, and replacement costs add up to these costs over a long period of time, and the cost is higher than that of lithium batteries.

What Applications Benefit Most From Lithium-ion Forklift Batteries

Lithium ion forklift batteries are widely used in warehousing and logistics industries,mainly used for loading and unloading trucks and for carrying goods,it can greatly reduce the labor intensity of personnel and improve the delivery efficiency of materials.The Forklift uses lithium battery as its power. In operation, only need a driver to realize the stacking,loading and unloading, and handling of large volume goods, without the assistance of handling personnel. This not only ensures production but also fully saves resources.

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