Lithium Ion Battery for Cleaning Machines

Due to the maturity and wide application of lithium battery technology, the utilization rate of scrubbers and Cleaning Machines has increased exponentially. PACE lithium-ion battery packs for sale offer floor scrubber battery to power your cleaning machines with a high level of safety and excellent deep cycle performance.

What are the Key Advantages of the Lithium-Ion Floor Scrubber Battery

Generally speaking, lead-acid batteries require a lot of weekly maintenance, while lithium-ion batteries only need to be properly charged, and then they are good for saving time and costs, which can be achieved to engage productivity.

2. Long Battery Life

PACE's lithium-ion floor sweeper battery life exceeds 2000 times.

3. Simplified Operation


4. High Safety Factor

Intelligent BMS monitors Li-ion battery pack status at all times

Why Choose Pace Lithium Ion Lithium-Ion Floor Scrubber Battery

There are many multiple reasons why Lithium ion batteries are the better option when choosing the source to power your cleaning machine.

1. Maximize Productivity

Pace's auto scrubber batteries are the industry's first purpose-built battery solution for cleaning machines. It utilizes state-of-the-art lithium ion technology that allows the battery to perform at a level exceeding what traditional lead acid batteries can offer, in both charge time and power output. With its advanced cellular management system and modular design, Pace's battery solutions are specifically engineered to maximize productivity, optimize uptime and help you make more money in less time.

2. Faster Charging

One of the advantages of lithium-ion auto scrubber batteries is that they can be opportunity charged. In between shifts,on breaks or whenever an opportunity presents itself. This can be done due to the fast-charging time of lithium-ion batteries and typically these batteries only take several hours to fully charge.

3. A longer Lifespan 

Pace's floor scrubber batteries for sale enable long-lasting operation of your cleaning machine. The batteries store 20% more energy for the same volume as a conventional NiCd battery, and are therefore able to take on even tougher tasks. It is suitable for all types of cleaning machines, no matter wet or dry. Especially in cold climates, the lithium-ion scrubber machine battery battery has excellent low temperature properties and provides a long lifetime.

4. Increased Safety and Eco-friendly

Polymer lithium-ion batteries, such as 12 volt floor scrubber battery, are the ideal solution to protect cleanroom control devices and other critical systems against contamination. This is achieved by the switch to energy storage technology, which increases safety and provides a controlled release of power, reducing the need for regular maintenance. Lithium-ion also offers increased coil life and a lower self-discharge rate making it eco-friendly as well as economical.

How to Maintain and Protect Lithium-Ion Floor Scrubber Battery

The lithium-ion scrubber machine battery is essential for ensuring the life of your cleaning machine. They are particularly susceptible to heat and should be stored at a low temperature and allowed to cool before use after charging, as well as maintained throughout their lifespan.

Lithium Ion Battery for Cleaning Machines

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