Lithium Ion Battery for Robot

PACE focus on customized lithium battery for different kinds of AMR robots, such as Disinfection robot, Service Robot, Delivery robot, Inspection robot, and so on. 24V robot battery, 48V robot battery and other AMR robot battery pack are available in PACE. All our robotics batteries are with built-in smart BMS to make sure the lithium-ion battery for robot is safer and more reliable. PACE offers custom lithium-ion battery packs besides robotics battery. Contact us now to customize your robot battery pack solutions!

Which Battery is Best for Robots

Many different types of batteries are more and more popular for use in robotics because of their high safety, rechargeable, 1C discharge and charger rates and excellent bettery capacity range, even free-maintenance. Lithium ion battery pack is the first choice for robotic feild. What's more, lithium ion battery pack is the only battery needed throughout the life of robots.

Advantages of Pace's Lithium Ion Battery for Robot

PACE lithium ion battery for robot specializes in providing solutions for various scenarios of service robots, AGVs, AMRs. PACE uses high quality A-brand cells that can be assembled into standard sizes to effortlessly replace 12-48V lead-acid batteries.

Our most design-conscious robot battery pack is the 24V 60Ah battery pack with all cells and BMS in a sheet metal case weighing only 20kg. All PACE series batteries have their own developed battery management system to prevent over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature conditions. It automatically balances cells and modules for maximum energy usage. Pace's AMR battery for robots support series or parallel connection for extra power and energy, ideal for robots, AMRs and AGVs looking for stand-alone design and long run times.

While the 24V 60Ah is the most commonly used battery for robotic applications, PACE batteries can be custom designed to meet your battery needs.

Features of Lithium Ion Battery for Robot

Built-in overcharge, overdischarge and overtemperature protection

Maintains battery balance

Supports LED battery status indicator

Maintenance free

High cycling

Support customization

How to Extend the life of  Lithium Ion Battery for Robot

1. Lithium-ion robot battery pack are effective any time you charge them, because lithium-ion battery technology has improved, minus the memory effect. However, it should be noted that lithium-ion batteries can not be over-discharged, excessive discharge will cause irreversible battery capacity loss.

2. If the robotics battery is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed from the instrument and stored in a dry and cool place, and to be charged once in 60 to 90 days, so as not to store for too long, the battery is too low due to self-discharge, resulting in irreversible capacity loss, because the best storage state of lithium-ion batteries is half-charged storage.

3. Use the appropriate current charger, too much current charging is also more harmful to the internal structure of lithium ion robot battery.

4. The temperature environment for storage. The temperature environment is wide, -20 ℃ to 55 ℃, but in fact the most suitable temperature is room temperature. From the perspective of aging, the temperature may be an important reason for the gradual decline in the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

5. Strictly observe the precautions in the specification.

Lithium Ion Battery for Robot

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