PACE Won 111 Computer Software Copyright Certificates

PACE won 111 computer software copyright certificates. Computer software works are software works and description documents designed to make the computer run to achieve some or some functions. PACE has the computer software copyright includes AGV lithium battery management system software、Robot lithium battery management system, embedded BMS intelligent control module software, Motor control board software, BMS general monitoring software, High robustness battery management system, Embedded spb15 solar power system, Bicycle lithium battery management system, IOT intelligent management system software, State of charge estimation method and method of battery and so on.

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PACE also has 24 invention patents (including 2 utility models), like Patent certificate of street lamp control invention, Patent certificate authorization of Brush-less DC motor starting control method and device, Patent authorization notice of intelligent battery pack balance management method, Charging method, and device, Working control method and device of energy storage power supply, Battery management system and method with dual protection function, Battery power test method and device, SOC estimation method, and device, etc.

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PACE has made great achievements in the field of BMS and lithium batteries, also has a good reputation in the industry.