Customized Lithium Ion Battery Pack With BMS


PACE,  one of lithium ion battery pack suppliers in China, offers a wide range of high-quality lithium-ion battery packs for sale. All of our li-ion battery packs are available for customization choices, you can tell us your demand on custom-made lithium-ion battery packs and let our professional teams speak with you.

Types of Lithium Ion Battery Packs For Sale

Show high quality in designing and manufacturing of PACE custom lithium-ion battery pack

24V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

PACE custom 24v lithium ion battery packs vary in size with different capacities for robots, AGVs, forklift trucks, cleaning machines, and so on the application.
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48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

PACE batteries provide a safe and reliable option for a wide range of applications. We can custom lithium battery pack solutions and build the pack with build-in BMS to your requirements.
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12V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Phosphate Battery Pack

Lithium batteries have far exceeded the performance of Lead Acid & AGM batteries. Lightweight, efficient charging, high rate discharge, with build-in BMS, no fire, no explosion.
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Lithium Ion Battery Pack Chemistry Types

A lithium-ion battery pack refers to a battery with a negative electrode(anode) and a positive electrode(cathode) that transfers lithium

ions between those two materials. Within the cells, there are many layers of anode and cathode with a separator in between. 

Between the two plates, there is also an electrolyte that allows the transfer of the lithium ions between the plates.

Lithium Ion Battery Packs vs Lead Acid Batteries

Lithium ion battery packs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Indeed, lithium-ion batteries offer larger capacities but are lightweight to use than lead-acid; Due to technical limitations, lead-acid batteries don't support quick charge, but lithium-ion batteries can be “fast” charged to 100% of capacity; Lithium-ion batteries (LFP) last 3-4 times longer than lead-acid batteries, without losing effectiveness over time; With advanced Battery Management System(BMS), lithium-ion battery packs are safer. As one of the professional lithium ion battery pack manufacturers, PACE provides high-quality lithium-ion battery packs for sale. custom li-ion battery is also available. If you want to buy a custom lithium-ion battery pack, contact us now!

Lithium Ion Battery Packs vs Lead Acid Batteries

PACE Lithium Ion Battery Pack Advantages


Lithium-ion batteries are stable and rechargeable for thousands of times. They have a high energy density, voltage capacity and low self-discharge rate. 


Using our lifepo4 lithium battery pack, the lifespan is more then 2000 cycles.

Easy & Fast Charging

Highly efficient charging. Our lithium battery pack support 1C charge if you need. Built-in BMS has overcharge protection.


Safe chemistry and our smart BMS provide extra protection.

Environmental Impact

Lithium batteries are generally considered to be non-hazardous waste.

Smart BMS

All batteries with built-in smart BMS, which designed by ourselves, ensure the batteries more safety.

 Smart Battery Management System (BMS) Features 

  • Lithium ion battery storage BMS has on-line SOC diagnosis: on the basis of real-time data acquisition, an expert mathematical analysis and diagnosis model is established to measure the SOC of the remaining battery on-line. At the same time, the SOC prediction is intelligently corrected according to the battery discharge current and ambient temperature, so as to give the battery residual capacity and reliable service time more in line with the changing load.

  • Battery system operation error reporting function: the light board can display relevant error information when there is over voltage, under voltage, over current, high temperature, low temperature, communication abnormality, BMS and other states during the battery system operation.

  • Battery system protection function: for abnormal faults such as serious overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent (short circuit) of the battery that may occur during operation, the high-voltage control unit shall be used.

  • Custom lithium ion battery packs with BMS has communication function: the system can communicate with your AGV,AMR,Forklift,RV,EV through RS232,RS485,CAN or you provided communication file. In a word, PACE lithium ion battery with smart BMS supports multiple communication methods.

  • Thermal management function: strictly monitor the operating temperature of the lithium ion battery packs for sale. If the temperature is higher or lower than the protection value, the battery management system will automatically cut off the battery circuit to ensure the safety of the system.

  • PACE customized lithium ion battery pack  has self diagnosis and fault tolerance functions.

  • Equalization function: passive equalization, the maximum equalization current is 200mA.

  • Custom li ion battery with BMS has the function of event and log data recording.

What is BMS in battery pack?

A battery management system (BMS) in custom lithium ion battery is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack.The advantages of our self-developed BMS are as follows:Short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection and keep the battery power balance.

FAQ of PACE Lithium Ion Battery Pack

What Can I use a Lithium Ion Battery Pack for?

Our rechargeable lithium batteries are commonly used for robots, AGV, RVs, golf carts, forklift trucks, cleaning machines, energy storage and so on applications. Also welcome to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries. You can also make custom lithium ion battery packs.

How To Design A Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

A three-step approach is as below. 

1. Familiar with which battery cell and case type(round or square) are best for your application. 

2. Design the best custom lithium-ion battery pack solution to fully meet your parameters needs.

3. Integrate and build lithium-ion battery pack by BMS and Cell for simulation reliability testing and safety performance testing.

How to Dispose of the Not Used or Used Battery?

For the Not used battery, please store it dry and active it every 3 months. For the used one, do not put batteries into the regular or bulk trash collection. Recycle the battery at your local recycling center.  

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