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The 4S100Ah-PC02-A is a 12V 100Ah lithium deep cycle battery pack. This lithium iron phosphate battery 12V 100Ah is versatile and compact enough to be used in RV applications. The 4S100Ah-PC02-A is a lithium (LiFePO4) battery with BMS.

  • Same as 24V lithium-ion battery pack, lithium-ion battery pack with12V 100Ah is safe, with no explosion, no fire.

  • This kind of batterie LiFePO4 12V is rechargeable, the life span is more than 2000 cycles, and they still provide 80% of the rated capacity after 2,000 cycles

  • The lithium battery pack can charge and discharge at 1C.

  • Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium provides greater energy at less than half the weight and size. This means more flexibility and easier installation

  • Capable of high operating temperatures 60 degrees, also works down to -20  degree

  • Few self-discharge rate and no memory effect

  • Environmentally friendly with no lead and no acid

We customize our lithium battery pack based on exactly what you need. We can help you plan and design custom-made lithium-ion battery packs to suit your RVs.

12V 100Ah Li-Ion Battery Specifications 

Nominal Voltage12.8V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Resistance≤40 mΩ @ 50% SOC
Self Discharge<3% per Month
Recommended Charge Current5 A - 50 A
Maximum Charge Current100A
BMS Charge Voltage Cut-Off14.6V
Maximum Continous Discharge Current100A
Peak Discharge Current200A (100ms)
BMS Discharge Voltage Cut-Off11V
Charge Temperature0 to 55ºC
Discharge Temperature-20 to 60ºC
Storage Temperature0 to 35 ºC
Dimensions (L x W x H)305*170*225mm
Case MaterialMetal

*The above data is for reference only. CONTACT US for customized solutions.

12V 100Ah Li-Ion Battery Advantages

  • Longer service life

Service life at 80% of the depth of discharge ( DOD ) > / = 2000 

Easy maintain, portable and swappable lithium batteries.

  • Super-secure Lithium technology ( LiFePO4 )

Stable chemical composition - LiFePO4,no gas ,no danger of explosion or fire integrated battery management system ( BMS ) prevents any failure in advance premature due to environmental influences or misuse.

  • Standard size design 

Perfect replacement of the AGM/GEL battery without changing the charging structure/original unloading.

  • Light weight

More than half the weight reduction compared to the AGM / GEL battery.

  • Larger useful capacity 

Depth of discharge up to 90% depth of discharge , about 40% more than the AGM / GEL battery.

  • Wider operating temperature rang

Range -20℃ to 55℃

  • Low self-discharge

Only about 4% per month for storage / non-use

  • BMS protection

Each battery pack has a built-in battery management system to monitor its status and protect battery in real time.


12 Volt 100Ah Lithium Battery Uses

Take your AGV, robot, RV, and energy storage to the higher level with our Lithium-Ion 12V 100Ah batteries. For example,as a 12-volt RV,we have mature lithium iron phosphate batteries will make your camping trip more comfortable! Want to figure out which battery size is best for your RV,robot,AGV,forklift? Please feel free to contact us to communicate more information!


12v 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Electrical Performance

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