24V 80Ah Portable Power Supply

Wondering how to choose household battery energy stroage and outdoor portable Power Supply? Visit our 24V 80Ah details that will help you to make a right decision to choose the best solution for your home,outdoor power station and so on.

24V 80Ah Lithium Battery Specifications

2000W Portable energy storage
CategoryItemSpecification parameters
InputDC InputMAX. 500W
Solar panel inputMAX. 500W
AC InputMAX.1100W
AC outputVoltage100~230V
Overload protection4000W
AC output waveformPure sine wave
USB outputUSB1QC3.0 -18W*2
Battery parametersPower2000Wh
Type-C outputType-CPD 100W*2
Wireless charging output
DC outputDC552112V/3A*2
DC outputXT6012V/10A
DC outputCigarette Lighter12V/10A
Charging time
Protection function

Short circuit, overload, interference, overvoltage, overcurrent, Undervoltage, etc

24V 80Ah Lithium Battery Application

2000W portable power station provides many conveniences for our life, it is widely used in outdoor camping, outdoor parties, RV travel, car charging, industrial tools power and home emergency power, including TV sets, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on. PACE can make it easy for you to use deep-cycle 24v power stations safely.

24v 80Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Electrical Performance

Discharge Capacity of Cell at Room Temperature
Discharge Capacity of Module at Room Temperature
Discharge Capacity of Module at -20ºC±2ºC
Discharge Capacity of Module at 55ºC±2ºC

24V 80Ah Portable Power Storage Applications Showcase

24V 80Ah Portable Power Supply PDF

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