48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Battery

We offer both premium high efficiency 48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Battery,as well as quality rechargable lithium battery that are more affordable. Both are manufactured by ourself top-rated and come with over 10 years BMS experience.

48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Battery Specifications

ChemistryLithium Battery Pack
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Nominal Capacity 100AH
Charging waysconstant current/constant voltage
Max continuous discharge current100A
Cycle Life @80% DOD>2000cycles
Charge Temperature0 to 55ºC
Discharge Temperature-20 to 60ºC
Storage Temperature-20 to 35ºC (3 months)
Storage Relative Humidity60±25%
Size W*H*L(mm)L482mm*W450mm*H176mm
Communication ProtocalRS485&RS232
Number of parallel connections allowedFour

*The above data is for reference only. CONTACT US for customized solutions.

48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Battery Application

48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Battery can provide sufficient power for solar Off-Grid projects,base station,and telecom devices,so of course you can store enough power to be a available backup battery bank for blackouts and sudden power outages,since it is with intelligent BMS and rechargeable that really makes it an perfect choice for most solar applications.

48V 100Ah Lithium Ion Solar Battery Electrical Performance

Discharge Capacity of Cell at Room Temperature
Discharge Capacity of Module at The Room Temperature
The Discharge Capacity of Module at -20ºC±2ºC
Discharge Capacity of Module at 55ºC± 2ºC

48V 100Ah lithium solar battery Applications Showcase

48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Battery PDF

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