RV Lithium Battery

Lithium battery for camper van is a trend for RV lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries. RV lithium batteries have more advantages, for example, maintenance-free, fast charging, environmentally friendly, and longer endurance. PACE provides lithium-ion RV battery to power your RV forward with a high level of security and excellent deep cycle performance. There are various RV lithium battery options such as lithium battery for camper van, lithium battery for caravan, lithium motorhome batteries, etc.

The Time of Sustainable, Longer Lifecycle Lithium Ion RV Battery Solutions Is Coming              

PACE lithium RV battery pack is the ideal swap out for RV battery. Without the need for additional charging equipment, PACE RV lithium battery pack is a direct drop in exchange for a lead acid battery.But unlike the lead acid equivalent,lithium battery pack weighs much less, lasts much longer and comes with a smart PACE self-developed BMS to monitor the battery performance at all times.

PACE lithium camper battery provides a massive 2000 lifecycles (note - a cycle is considered a full charge and discharge) at 80% depth of discharge,ensuing that usable power is available.Compare this to a lead acid battery with a typical 50% DOD and it's clear that RV lithium battery pack has more capacity. And so far,PACE lithium battery pack for RV has a third smaller in size and a quarter the weight.Its over 2000 cycles (at 80% DOD) – Lithium battery for camper van has proven to be trouble free operation.

PACE lithium battery pack for RV can be connected with batteries in series or parallel if a power bank is needed and each battery's internal smart PACE self-developed BMS ensures all the lithium cells structure are perfectly balanced to give outstanding and reliable performance,high safety and so on.

The Most Important Factors of Choosing Lithium Ion RV Battery

1.RV Lithum Battery Pack Dimension

From the use of the time limit, you can easily choose the storage capacity of the lithium battery for camper you need, and the installation space can also be considered.

2.Long-term Cost

In the long run, long-life, maintenance-free lithium camper batteries are more cost effective.

3.Environmentally Friendly

Lithium batteries have the advantage of zero pollution and are greener and more energy efficient.

4.PACE Hot Sales' 12V RV Battery Series Features

Material: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Weight: lighter than lead-acid battery

Size: customizable for easy direct replacement

Lifetime: Over 2000 cycles

5.Lithium RV Battery Pack Advantages

Deep cycle ultra-long life span, up to several years or more

Real-time monitoring by intelligent BMS, easy to check battery status at any time

Self-made intelligent BMS protects the battery from over/under charging and coordinates various functions of the lithium battery for camper can be charged quickly

PACE 12V and 48V RV lithium battery pack is the only choice where maximum power,minimal weight and longest cycle life are critical.Due to it's quick charging reliable power in all circumstances.

 How to Install Lithium Ion RV Battery

1. Fix the RV lithium battery pack base on the battery compartment floor with self tapping screws.

2. Put the strap into the opening of the base, and pay attention to the direction of the buckle of the strap.

3. Put the lithium battery pack into the base and lock it with a strap.

4.Install the inverter remote switch panel at an appropriate position (it is recommended to install it next to the coulometer), and plug the network cable head into the inverter network cable port.

5.Connect the lithium positive pole output line,the positive pole output line of the solar charging controller, the positive pole lead of the lead acid battery connected to the original vehicle, two positive poles of the exhaust fan and the positive pole lead of the coulometer power supply to the inverter input positive pole, and the contact must be reliable!

6. Connect one end of the shunt (no shunt without coulometer),the negative output line of the solar charging controller,the negative lead of the lead acid battery connected to the original vehicle,and the two negative leads of the exhaust fan to the input negative terminal of the inverter. The contact must be reliable!

7. Connect the negative pole output line of the RV battery pack to the other end of the diverter (grounding is not allowed here),the signal line A of the coulometer is on the small screw of the diverter near the inverter input negative pole end, and the signal line B is on the small screw at the other end of the diverter.

RV Lithium Battery

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