The Advantages of AGV Lithium Battery Pack

With the progress of science and technology, the replacement of electronic products is more and more frequent. AGV robot handling is also rising. Many enterprises have fully accepted the emerging way of handling, and most of the replacement of manual handling. The most indispensable of power tools is the battery, so what are the advantages of AGV lithium battery as power energy?

Ⅰ. Advantages of AGV lithium battery

1. AGV lithium battery has a higher energy density and is more stable than ordinary batteries. As an AGV car that needs to work 24 hours a day, its power energy needs to be efficient and stable.

2. In terms of volume and weight, the AGV lithium battery is smaller and lighter than the general power battery. As a handling tool, the AGV lithium battery's lightness can reduce its burden and make the robot small and flexible. 

3. Long service life and up to 2000 times of lithium iron phosphate battery life. 4. AGV lithium batteries are used as maintenance-free types, so only regular maintenance at the usual time is needed.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of AGV lithium battery

1. High-speed. the use of new materials in automotive, 3C industry, national defense, aerospace and other industries requires improvement on high-speed transfer robot.

2. Flexibility. Initiative and informationization require AGV robots to improve parts processing accuracy and production efficiency and shorten product manufacturing cycle. 

3. High precision. AGV intelligent transfer vehicle is required to improve the accuracy of operation, monitoring and obstacle avoidance. 

4. Information interaction and networking. Shopping malls require AGV robots to have two-way, high-speed networking communication functions, so it is very important to ensure the information flow between all departments. 

5. Intelligent control. AGV lithium battery pack is suitable for all kinds of manufacturing industry, and the intelligence degree of AGV robot is improving continuously.

AGV shopping malls are developing towards the direction of bipolarization. One is to develop to the high-end shopping malls with high degree of initiative. The other is to the distribution sector, offices and other areas where most of the human contact points of low-end shopping malls. AGV lithium batteries have developed to multi-oriented methods and intelligentization. In order to complete the scheduled transfer method and give full play to the advantages of the unmanned transfer vehicle, the key depends on the guidance system. The electromagnetic guidance method is the first developed AGV guidance method and the most widely used. However, due to the defects of electromagnetic guidance method, optical guidance method, magnet guidance method, laser guidance, symbol tracking guidance and image sensor guidance method have appeared.