What Are the Safe Use Methods of AGV Lithium Battery Pack?

I. Use AGV lithium battery pack correctly

With the gradual high temperature in summer, the frequency of AGV lithium battery problems is also increasing. In fact, AGV users care about the life of lithium-ion batteries on the one hand, but use them incorrectly on the other hand, so no matter how good the batteries are, they can't stand the toss. What are the safe use methods of AGV lithium battery pack?

II. Safe use method of AGV lithium battery pack

1. The reason why the AGV lithium battery car can work 24 hours is mainly due to the lithium ion battery as the power. Many companies always ignore its safety issues when using AGV lithium battery trolleys, and not every machine will be supervised at work. Once some safety accidents happen to the lithium ion battery of the AGV lithium battery trolley, the entire AGV will be affected. The workplace where the lithium battery car is located poses a great hidden danger.

2. The hidden danger of AGV lithium battery car mainly comes from the power source in its body, lithium ion battery. Due to the unstable characteristics of lithium ion battery, there are many places to pay attention to. For example, do not over-discharge, do not disassemble at will, etc. If any abnormal battery is found to have serious deformation, odor, liquid leakage, or unexplained noise, stop using it immediately.

3. The external environment is also a major reason for the safety of the AGV lithium battery trolley. The AGV lithium battery trolley should be stored in a place without direct sunlight, dry ventilation, and no heat source nearby when it is working or stored. When transporting and unloading the lithium-ion battery, be careful not to fall, heavy pressure and other accidents; the charger that has been charged for 12 hours does not change the light or the surface becomes hot, and you need to stop charging immediately.

4. If the AGV lithium battery car has been idle for a long time and finds that the battery cannot be charged, it should start the slow-speed operation without load for a while, and then recharge the battery after the car is warmed up. The batteries and lithium batteries that have been discharged should be charged immediately. Delaying time will destroy the batteries. It cannot be delayed for up to 24 hours.

As an important power source, the AGV lithium battery is the "heart" of the AGV lithium battery car. However, this "heart" has certain safety hazards, which may cause dangerous explosion accidents of the battery due to its own or external factors. AGV lithium battery trolley has greatly improved the efficiency of work in these industries with its automation and intelligent technology and management level, and it should be used with caution on a daily basis.