Why Do Electric Cars Use Lithium Camper Battery Instead of Lead-acid Battery?

More and more people will choose lithium camper batteries to replace lead-acid batteries. What are the advantages of a lithium camper battery compared with a lead-acid battery?

1. Advantages of  lithium camper battery: small size, lightweight, strong power

Because of their lightweight and high density, lithium camper battery has more than twice the energy of lead-acid battery for equal weight and volume. On the contrary, lithium camper batteries of the same energy are much lighter than lead-acid batteries, so lithium-ion batteries will be more popular.

The lithium camper battery has a good discharge function, and the instantaneous discharge power is better than that of lead-acid. .

2. Advantages of lithium camper battery: more cycles, longer service life

Generally speaking, the cycle times of ternary lithium camper battery is about 800 times, and the number of cycles of lithium iron phosphate is about 2000 times.

3. Advantages of lithium camper battery: more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries

According to relevant scientific research reports, lead in lead-acid batteries is heavy metal pollution, which will cause irreversible harm to environmental pollution. Lead, if ingested by animals and humans, can also cause serious harm, such as irreversible neurological harm. Relatively speaking, the environmental pollution of lithium camper batteries will be much lighter, especially when the amount of use is huge, the benefits of lithium camper batteries in terms of environmental friendliness will become more significant.